Do not trust YouTube videos: early mornings can be a mess

Living my student life

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Waking up early in the morning? It is a shared expereince that sooner or later everyone will have to do several times a week for study or work. Personally, being a student who lives outside the city and who has to get a bus on a daily basis, the alarm clock never rings after 6.30 in the morning. And yet, I strongly believe there is something nice about enjoying the day from its very beginning, even if what awaits us in the following hours is not as exciting as we would like.

Whenever I hear about the morning routine, I can only think about of the several video tutorials on YouTube or the many aesthetic articles in magazines. There, girls and boys have a place to show their habits, making everything look perfect and easy, starting with their rich breakfast with fruit and porridge, passing by the long Spotify podcasts that have time to listen, until half an hour of yoga they can enjoy before school. But let’s be honest, who has time for this in the morning? As far as I am concerned, I barely open my eyes that I already have to run to catch the bus, already figuring in my mind the blue vehicle leaving towards the hectic city life without me.

And yet, believe me, I do like waking up early in the morning. So here’s some advices from a student always in a hurry to enjoy your time.

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Divide your time

Okay, this may sound a bit like a control freak, but every morning I split my time into 20-minute moments. For example, I give myself 20 minutes to prepare and eat breakfast or 20 minutes to get dressed and put on makeup. This way, as long as I am in the time range, I can enjoy what I am doing without constantly looking at the clock and its hand that inexorably advances, thinking I still have a thousand things to do and zero time.

Be careful though, you also have to be flexible! Sometimes that slice of bread takes longer to eat because it’s too good, I get it. Then give it to yourself, if it gives you a smile! You will later avoid putting mascara on to balance the time: you are beautiful either way.


I know it may seem a contradiction, having above reiterated the fact that I am always in a hurry, but believe me, it is all about knowing how to manage your time. Reading is fundamental to me, not only to get rich personally, but also to leave with the right calm and tranquility, focusing on something that brings me benefits. It is the opposite of social media: never open Instagram in the first hours you are awake! It is way better to focus more on yourself than on others, at least for the first minutes of the day.

So how do I find time to read, a book or a newspaper article? Simple! In the dead times, because yes, there are definitely. You can tuck into reading a current affairs article while eating, or while waiting for the bus because you arrived too early (you will become professionals in time management, you’ll see) or even while brushing your teeth for example, to make it less boring. Of course there is another solution: podacasts or audiobooks. However, I think that reading is a different, more rewarding, activity that you should never lose.

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It sounds like really weird or trivial, but actually I believe it’s not that obvious. If you wake up early in the morning, it is often because you have to go to work or school, repeating actions that you just did the day before or the one before it. As a consequence, you risk to become a robot, putting your brain in autopilot and doing everything mechanically. So let’s stop and think about what you are doing, maybe we all even end up enjoying the most mundane actions.

In my opinion, this type of thoughts allows you to to live in the present. You learn how to enjoy even the simple things, such as a good breakfast, an overnight message from a friend, a smile of a person you meet on your journey to the office or the simply the pink sky of dawn. Many times, in winter, I left the house in the dark, giving me the chance to enjoy the sunrise sitting on the bus. In these occasions I never felt so alive, grateful to be able to do everything that the day will impose on me.

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In short, organize yourself and always be active, but at the same time try to remember how beautiful simple things can be!

I am an Italian student who tries every day to improve her English. I really like writing and studying in this language, also to be able to reach more people. However, I still often run into mistakes. So, if while reading my article you have found some, do not hesitate to contact me, either though a comment or private note!



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